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Some clients may have gaps in their lash line, which can be natural where the lashes do not grow or can be through damage. Cashmere Bridge Series is created so lash technicians can fill out the gap, leaving clients with a beautiful set of eyelash extensions.

When bridging a gap, simply pick up one bridge of Cashmere Bridge Series, attach to the base of the two donor lashes on both sides of the gap; or place two bridges on  the two  donor lashes to fill the space. Apply other light weight extensions in the middle to create the illusion of fullness.


Always bear in mind that we are not miracle workers and there is only so much we can do to bridge gaps. Clients must also be made aware that the bridge may not last as long and that they may need to return for their refill sooner. If a client has lots of gaps in their lash line due to damage then the best course of action may be a lash serum, biotin vitamin and a period of lash rest before extensions can be applied.

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