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Cashmere  Feathers are premade , heat bonded, very light weight and high quality. Feathers are short base and wide open fan, designed to create a fluffy and full look. Color is darker and bolder, in comparison to Merino and Angora.

Cashmere  Feathers have a radiant, natural looking sheen and uniform tight curls that are tapered to perfection, with a drastically superior curl retention. Use this to create a full, dramatic, vavavoom look. While the 5D 0.10mm and 7D 0.07mm are made for experienced lash artists who are seeking specific results, we recommend using 3D 0.07mm; 3D 0.10mm and 5D 0.07mm to maintain integrity  of natural lashes.

Only D Curl available in both loose container and tape tray.

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