Professional Eyelash Extensions Supplies

We’ve eliminated the guesswork for you by providing a selection of must have, essential, professional lash extensions supplies. Now you can find exceptional quality and the best prices in one source!

Cashmere Lashes were designed having technicians and their clients in mind, with specially designed and manufactured premade, volume lashes that reduce application time while providing the luxurious and full  looks that clients crave.


Each handmade Cashmere Lashes extension is heat bonded with light weight fiber that allows a longer wear time and softer feel. So easy to apply, Cashmere Lashes make achieving long, incredibly voluminous looks almost effortless.


Never waste your time by tediously gluing individual lashes into volume again! No  more damaged lashes from peeling off the tray, just take them out of container, lay them on a sheet and start applying. 

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