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Cashmere Modal Volume Series are Handmade - Heat Bond - Cost Effective - Short Base. Modal is very light weight and somewhat lighter in black color, dreamy looking rather than dense. Use Modal on weak, thin, flimsy natural lashes to maintain the integrity of clients' lashes; mix Modal with Merino or Feathers to create the fluffy three dimensional volume; apply it on clients with blond hair or light brown to have less impact and contrast... are just a few suggestions.

Modal is developed with wider fans, thin short base with very pointy tip. This fiber is not high HEAT resistance: Please advise clients not to come in contact with direct heat, such as blow dry on face, heat from an oven, bonfire, or any source giving off  300F or more, in order to maintain the soft, lush look.

Available in 1000 counts/fans per container, natural curl only.

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