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Angora are Handmade - Heat Bond - Cost Effective, super soft and light weight, designed to create very natural, wispy, intentional messy look. Use Angora on weak, thin, flimsy natural lashes to maintain the integrity of clients' lashes.

Angora  Classic is the original design, even though is labeled D Curl, the curl appears to be more relaxed, much like C curl in our opinion, due to the nature of soft fiber. This fiber is also not high HEAT resistance: Please advise clients not to come in contact with direct heat, such as blow dry on face, heat from an oven, bonfire, or any source giving off  300F  or more, in order to maintain the curl.

Angora Short Stem is our latest and the last design of this Angora Series. Fans are open, the stem is short, fiber is  strong and still flexible. Use Angora Short Stem to create full, dreamy and voluptuous set. As always, you can mix  Angora Short Stem and Angora Classic together to archive even more voluminous style.

Available in ~1000 counts/fans per container.

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